TravelX’s founding team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have spent years leading travel and technology companies. With a deep understanding of the travel industry, they recognized the need for a more automated and customer-centric retailing model that empowers customers while still providing revenue security for airlines.

To achieve this goal, TravelX has decentralized the distribution of airline tickets through blockchain technology and smart contracts, allowing customers to take ownership of their tickets while ensuring airlines maintain control over the parameters of their sales.

With simple technical integration, TravelX’s NFTicket solution helps airlines expand the reach of their direct distribution strategy, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and providing a better experience for customers. Our solution empowers customers to transfer, rename, or resell their tickets while providing airlines with a transparent, secure, and efficient distribution system.

At TravelX, we are committed to driving innovation in the travel industry and providing airlines with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

In the Travel industry, every E-Ticket is unique since there are no two seats on the same flight on the same date.  That’s why TravelX is embracing NFTs as the technology for E-Tickets to evolve into NFTickets.

An NFTicket is born through the airline’s .com site, it then acts as a multiplier of the airline’s distribution reach as it allows for secondary decentralized distribution. It empowers customers to transfer, rename or resell their tickets. The rules under which these operations take place are governed by the airline through the generation of a smart contract.

NFTicket fundamentals

  • When a customer acquires a ticket, TravelX issues an NFTicket on top of the regular E-Ticket.
  • NFTicket can be re-named, transferred and/or traded.
  • NFTicket and E-Ticket have the same fare rules and itineraries are constantly synchronized.
  • NFTicket rules can be parameterized by the Airlines (Smart Contracts set up).
  • Airlines have full traceability of NFTickets as data insights.

NFTickets are constantly synchronized with the airline’s systems. Our integration process is designed to seamlessly overlay on top of the airline’s existing technology, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations. As a result, airlines can leverage the benefits of decentralized ticket distribution with ease.

Airlines earn a revenue fee for each transaction involving an NFTicket transfer, renaming, or resale. Additionally, airlines can receive a percentage of the profit from any upsides in the selling price, ranging from 50% to 90%. 

The introduction of NFTickets is transforming the airline industry by providing numerous benefits to both travelers and airlines. With the ability to purchase tickets upfront, travelers now enjoy greater convenience and flexibility, while airlines benefit from increased liquidity, new revenue streams, and improved profitability.

Furthermore, the use of Blockchain technology ensures that every transaction made using NFTickets is recorded on an immutable register, providing complete traceability and transparency throughout the ticketing process. 

NFTicket has come as a natural evolution of the industry ticket to the new emerging technologies. Through this product, all the industry stakeholders are aligned, resulting in a better product for travelers, a more efficient product for airlines, and an enabler for travel products to be transacted in any new social platform or marketplace.