Benefits for Airlines 

TravelX technology enables airlines to soar customer experience in their direct channels and gain strong digital capabilities through a simple integration. 

NFTickets take flexibility to the next level.

Customers are now allowed to Rename, Transfer and Resell their ticket to anyone in the world in the most immediate way ever. While the airline automatically collects FEEs and revenue. 


The NFTicket is a more flexible product and by that, increases the conversion rate and impulse purchase behavior. 
In an era where customers prioritize ownership and flexibility, NFTicket is the natural evolution of the customer’s needs. 

By decentralizing distribution, airlines enable their customers to take their tickets to their own networks and markets, enabling new use cases and a much bigger market. All this while the airline collects money for every transfer according to the rules predefined by them in the token’s Smart Contracts.

New social networks and channels appear every year.
Airlines can be part of all of them by delegating the transferability of their product to their customers.

More brand exposition and more channels equal to more customers and a bigger market.

Thanks to descentralizing distribution a whole new world
of use cases emerges.

  • Self-Service Allotments
  • Self-Service Corporate travelers management
  • Revenue over fully sold flights
  • Tickets as Gifts in the most automated way
  • Groups and Influencers Reselling capabilities
  • and much more…

NFticket is a totally automated product through which customers can self-service key processes in their wallets. This strongly impacts customer satisfaction but also the reduction of Operational costs for the airline. 


Blockchain technology can provide a more secure way to record transactions. By using distributed ledgers, airlines can ensure that each ticket sold is unique and cannot be duplicated or sold without the pre-established rules. This can increase transparency and trust in the ticketing process.
It can also provide a secure and decentralized way of verifying identity, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud in the travel industry. This can also streamline the check-in process and reduce wait times at airports and hotels.
Lastly, blockchain technology offers a tamper-proof and transparent way to record transactions. Airlines can easily track the path of an NFTicket through any existing channels warranting that no rule was invalidated. This way, the travel ecosystem can be expanded with confidence and control for the issuer supplier.